Top 5 IT Skills That are Most in Demand.


It’s 2017, and according to many experts, the technological revolution is just beginning. A heavy demand exists for employees with standard industry skills as well as those who are moving forward into the cutting edge. Following are just five of the in-demand IT skills for 2017. 

Business Analytics

Those with superior skills in data analytics have a distinct edge in 2017’s IT job market. Companies are utilizing data mining to provides themselves with a competitive edge. Healthcare companies are in the forefront of this trend, followed by financial services and insurance companies as well as the retail sector. 

Web Development

This is nothing new — web development has been a highly sought-after IT skill for the past couple of decades. It remains a staple among businesses of all kinds. The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts a 27-percent growth in web development jobs between now and the year 2024. Front-end development skills are particularly appealing to employers in 2017.

Cloud Technology

The cloud environment is growing so quickly that an almost insatiable demand exists for those with serious skills in cloud/SaaS technology. Systems administrators, architects, and engineers with significant cloud expertise and experience continue to be in demand as an increasing number of companies migrate their infrastructures to the cloud.

Database Administration

Like web development, the ability to manage vast databases is an old school skill that’s not going away any time soon. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor indicate that this specialty will see an 11-percent increase in available jobs between now and 2024.

Mobile Applications

The mobile revolution continues to gain momentum, and companies are actively seeking those with substantial mobile device management expertise. Expect to see an increased need for those with experience with mobile app development in 2017.

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