Staffing Tips- Attracting the best job candidates

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1. Be Clear About the Job Requirements best online flexeril 30 mg canada

2. Emphasize Benefits Without Exaggerating

3. Be Respectful of the Applicant’s Time

These days, online applications and vetting processes are the norm. But in the interest of filtering and focusing, some of the applications are overly long and cumbersome. For example, a first-time job hunt applicant shouldn’t have to complete a multi-page personality assessment just to express interest in the position. Once they’ve been interviewed or short-listed, such a test can be part of the onboarding process if you like.

4. Be Transparent About the Salary

People take jobs so they can get paid and meet their personal financial needs and goals. You may find you have the perfect candidate, only to have them walk away at the last minute over a salary rate misunderstanding. If your company is transparent about the salary range, you’ll only attract candidates who would be satisfied with that kind of pay rate.

5. Be Friendly

Your human resources personnel should be generally friendly and welcoming. There’s no reason to turn every interaction into an inquisition. To attract the best job candidates who decide they want to work for you, a friendly personality goes a long way.