Interviewing Tips- Three Keys to Choosing the Right Candidate


When it comes time to hire new employees for your organization, the process of selecting the right candidates is critical to your ongoing success and effectiveness. Here are three simple tips to help you choose the right candidate for the job, each and every time.

can i buy valtrex at walmart #1: Ask the Right Questions

Much of a job interview consists of the employer asking questions to the prospective employee in an effort to determine whether they’re the right fit. But many hirers don’t know which questions will illicit the most revealing and actionable responses.

When designing your interview questions, look for those that will surprise the candidate. Answers to questions that haven’t been pre-prepared are usually more genuine and revealing of a candidate’s true nature.

You should also seek out questions that will give the candidate a chance to differentiate themselves from the other candidates. For example, “We are interviewing a few other qualified candidates. Why should we choose them over you?” This will help you access the unique traits that a candidate has to offer. where to buy 20 mg lipitor atorvastatin #2: Ask for References (And Actually Use Them)

Almost all employers ask for references when it comes time to choose a candidate. But very few actually use those references, and even less know how to use them effectively. Most employers who do contact references listed on a candidate’s resume only ask the most basic questions. But smart employers know how to use contact with references to gain a more complete picture of the candidate.

When contacting candidate references, go beyond their work history and ask about their character, personal style, sense of humor, social skills, and other parameters that may not relate directly to the job description but will help determine how well they’ll fit in with your organization.

3#: Use a Staffing Firm

One factor that makes interviews with candidates so difficult is that you have a great deal if information to glean in a short amount of time. An interview can be revealing, but it’s a limited sample that doesn’t necessarily allow you the opportunity to dive deep into a candidate’s work history, character and potential fit for your organization. Fortunately, there is a way to make your job easier as you strive to find the right man or woman for the job.

Staffing firms that select candidates from a pool of applicants do much of your work for you. They have the time and resources to provide candidates who have been pre-screened for their work experience, education, skills and accomplishments in order to fit your company. This means less desperate grasping for as much information at the interview, and more time to focus on the personal characteristics of the individual being interviewed.