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How to attract the best IT Talent to Your Company


IT is a fast growing industry and more and more workers are getting certified in various IT fields. With a larger employee pool than ever before, it is crucial that companies looking to hire IT talent take the time to make their workplace attractive to potential employees.

The first way that you can attract the best talent is to present opportunities for advancement. A position that is a dead end, that has no real growth potential, and that is not going to lead to further opportunity is not going to attract a high quality of IT employee. It might prove as a starting point for talent, but in most cases, talent is going to start with your company then move on when they have the necessary experience  to get a better paying job or one with more opportunity.

Make sure that the job you are posting has potential for advancement, a chance to further your horizons, and a chance to learn new skills that can further their potential. If you are creating new positions, offer chances to learn new skills, offer workshops, offer classes, offer educational opportunities and offer promotions that will entice the most talented, the most driven, and the most ready to grow.

Another way that you can attract the best talent is to offer technology that other companies simply do  not have. Those that are part of the IT field love technology and adding new technology that is not offered at other businesses is going to attract those that want a chance to learn and a chance to grow. These new technologies are going to offer a chance to really see what the world has to offer and to experience new things.

Still another way to attract the best IT talent is to take the time to get to know the position and to get to know potential hires. If someone applies to your company, take the time to really read their application, look at their resume, and see what they have to offer. People are a driving factor to any company and having a strong relationship with those that work for you is going to help show new hires that you care. Your work place should be inviting, warm, and should place a high value on the human factor. You should make sure that your employees feel valued and that they feel like they are important.

Your employees are an important part of your company and you should take the time to attract the perfect IT talent.  

4 IT Skills That Employers Are Looking For


IT is a fast growing industry that is always changing and that you must take the time to truly learn. There are certain skills that every IT worker has and then there are those special skills that employers are looking for. Here are 4 IT skills that all employers are looking for. rate online 350 mg soma sites 1- People Skills– working in IT you are going to be working with people sooner or later. You want to be able to talk with people, to be able to work with others, and to be able to assist customers when they call in and you need to make changes. It is important that you are adaptable and ready and willing to talk with others to help further the interests of your employer. buy tizanidine online 2- Quick Learning– another invaluable skill is the ability to learn quickly. Employers want employees that are able to take in new knowledge and apply it quickly without a long turnaround time. You should be able to quickly learn and internalize and institute new technology so that you can keep up with changing trends.

3- Well Versed in a Wide Range of Skills– though being able to specialize in one industry or other is great, IT employers want employees that know a great deal of information, even if they only know a bit about each item. You should have specific areas of interest that you are better qualified for certainly, but you should also have a wide general knowledge base that you can draw from when new challenges are presented.

4- Willingness to Learn– all employers are looking for employees that are ready and willing to go back to the grind and learn new things. This means that even if you have a degree in IT from a prestigious university, you should be ready and willing to learn new things as the industry changes. You should be willing to take the time to work on your education and really start to learn the new technology, new methods, and new information that is popping up each and every day.  Since IT changes each and every day, employers want workers that are able to adapt to new technologies, adapt to new learning styles, and are able to adapt to new technologies no matter what. This is a skill that is invaluable and that helps employers to retain the same employees even as the industry changes.

These are all important factors that can help you get the job and retain the job in the IT position that you are looking for.

Contract To Hire Vs. Direct Placement: Which Is The Best Choice?


When you’re seeking employment opportunities in the technology jobs sector, you may be given a choice between pursuing a contract to hire situation, or direct placement. Each option has different pros and cons. The best choice for you will depend on your personal preference and needs.

Benefits and Cons of Contract to Hire

When you’re employed as a contract to hire basis, you and your employer each get to test each other other. If your performance meets expectations, you may be offered permanent employment. You also get to test out the position to see if the company is one where you’d enjoy working for the long-term. This is a great chance for you to experience the company culture, see who you’ll be working with, and learn firsthand what opportunities for growth there may be.

Of course, during the time before you’re hire, you would still be working for the temporary agency. As such, you wouldn’t be considered an employee of the company, and likely won’t qualify for benefits. In addition, your date of hire probably won’t be official until your contract to hire date expires. This may affect your future dates for raises and benefits at the company.

Benefits and Cons of Direct Placement

A direct placement situation means you start working for the company right away. From day one, you’ll be considered a team member, and your hire date is the same as your start date. Right away, you’ll be accruing the time necessary to qualify for company benefits. Your position is permanent, and your future employment is secured.

The drawback of direct placement is that there is no test period. Once you accept the direct placement, you begin working as an employee, and as such may be required to sign an employment contract guaranteeing that you’ll stay for a minimum length of time.

GreyMattersIT offers both contact to hire and direct placement opportunities to IT professionals looking for technology jobs. No matter which type of employment option you’re looking for, you’ll find it at GreyMattersIT.

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Professional Services Provider


When your company needs specialized services, obviously you want to find the best company to provide them. But finding the right fit for your unique needs isn’t always easy, and mistakes can be costly and time consuming. But there are some basic considerations you should always take into account whenever you’re searching for a services provider.

Choosing The Right Professional Services Provider

  • Know what you need. The first step is to know exactly what you’re looking for before you begin, and then look for the company that can provide it. Too many companies allow a potential provider to tell them what they need, which usually leads to disappointing results, if not outright disaster.
  • Opt for experience. It might be tempting to hire the new hotshot company with the go getter, enthusiastic attitude, but it’s almost always better in the long run to choose a company with documented experience and a proven track record in providing the specific services you need.
  • Look for reliability. You want a professional services provider that will do what they say they will, do it right, and on time. Take the time to research their past performance.
  • Reasonable rates. Any company you choose should adhere to industry standard rates and fees, and be upfront about them. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your invoices.

We believe you’ll agree that Grey Matters IT fits all of the above criteria. We provide comprehensive IT staffing services including contract and direct placement, a full range of IT professional services from web and app development to project management, and custom-designed training services to ensure your staff has the skills they need to do their job right. Let us show you what Grey Matters IT can do for your company. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

Top 5 IT Skills That are Most in Demand.


It’s 2017, and according to many experts, the technological revolution is just beginning. A heavy demand exists for employees with standard industry skills as well as those who are moving forward into the cutting edge. Following are just five of the in-demand IT skills for 2017. 

Business Analytics

Those with superior skills in data analytics have a distinct edge in 2017’s IT job market. Companies are utilizing data mining to provides themselves with a competitive edge. Healthcare companies are in the forefront of this trend, followed by financial services and insurance companies as well as the retail sector. 

Web Development

This is nothing new — web development has been a highly sought-after IT skill for the past couple of decades. It remains a staple among businesses of all kinds. The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts a 27-percent growth in web development jobs between now and the year 2024. Front-end development skills are particularly appealing to employers in 2017.

Cloud Technology

The cloud environment is growing so quickly that an almost insatiable demand exists for those with serious skills in cloud/SaaS technology. Systems administrators, architects, and engineers with significant cloud expertise and experience continue to be in demand as an increasing number of companies migrate their infrastructures to the cloud.

Database Administration

Like web development, the ability to manage vast databases is an old school skill that’s not going away any time soon. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor indicate that this specialty will see an 11-percent increase in available jobs between now and 2024.

Mobile Applications

The mobile revolution continues to gain momentum, and companies are actively seeking those with substantial mobile device management expertise. Expect to see an increased need for those with experience with mobile app development in 2017.

At Grey Matters IT, we specialize in staffing, recruiting, and training for the technology industry.  Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience to learn more about how we can be an optimal partner in your future success. 

Common Resume Mistakes for Technology Jobs


The technology industry is one that is quickly growing but if you are looking to land a job in this field, then you need to make sure your resume is perfect. There are a lot of people likely applying for the position you have your eye on so before you apply, make sure you are avoiding these common mistakes on tech resumes.

  • Resumes that are several pages long. When looking at resumes, people tend to skim them so make sure you only put the most important stuff on your resume to ensure it stands out. 
  • Using long paragraphs. Bullet points can be your best friend. This makes it easier to read and people are more likely to read more of it than if you were to write out long paragraphs. 
  • Too much technical jargon. While it may be easy to include a lot of technical jargon, try to limit this as much as possible. Explain your skills and avoid too many acronyms if possible. It is fine to have a few for common acronyms but do not get too crazy with it.
  • Bad grammar. Bad grammar and simple mistakes can immediately disqualify you from getting the job. Make sure you proofread your resume a few times and you may even want to consider having someone else look at it. You want to put your best out there and that should not include simple mistakes. 
  • Focusing on team successes. While these may be impressive, people want to know about your successes, not just the successes of teams you were on. Focus on what you can do. 

There are a lot of technology jobs available in the market and if you need help finding the perfect one for you, be sure to contact Grey Matters IT

3 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong In Interviews


Are you always the interviewee, but never seem to get hired for technology jobs?  Chances are, you’re doing one of these three things wrong during your interview.

1. Not Making Eye Contact

Here at Grey Matters IT, we get it. As an IT professional, you’re accustomed to interfacing with a computer all day long. That doesn’t exactly require eye contact or even facial expressions. But when you’re interviewing for technology jobs, not making eye contact or having a passive, inexpressive face can be misconstrued into being non-interest in the job, evasiveness or even dishonesty. If you’re not making sufficient eye contact, it’s unlikely you’ll get a job offer.

2. Not Dressing the Part

Companies these days have pretty lax dress codes compared to years ago. You probably won’t have to wear a suit and tie to work. However, when you come in for your interview, you shouldn’t show up in what you consider dress casual. You have to assume that professional business attire is the order of the day, and wait until you get a job offer to inquire about the acceptable apparel on the job. Otherwise, that call with a job offer just won’t come.

3. Not Being Forthcoming

When your interviewer asks questions, they aren’t just looking for a simple yes or no, or the shortest possible answer you can think of. They’re hoping you’ll expand on your answers so the interview doesn’t turn into 20 questions. Even though technically there’s nothing wrong with that, if the interviewer sense you’re not being forthcoming about things, they won’t feel they can trust you, which is not good. When you get the question, add to it so the interviewer gets the idea that you’re trustworthy and sharing more than “just the facts.”

Next time you get an interview, keep these three no-no’s in mind to ensure you have the best possible chances of being their candidate of choice. For more help with snagging technology jobs, contact Grey Matters IT.

3 Keys To Growing Your IT Career


Is your IT career stalled? Are you looking to work someplace where there’s more room for promotion, higher wages or new challenges? It can be challenging to grow an IT career, but here at Grey Matters IT, we have three keys to growing your IT career that really work.

1. Work With a Specialist IT Recruiting Company

Between working long hours as an IT professional and trying to have an actual life, you probably don’t have the time to devote to researching and hunting down jobs, customizing your resume, applying and keeping track of who’s interested and who’s not worth further time investment.

If you want fast results with growing your IT career, work with an IT staffing specialist such as Grey Matters IT. We have a vast network of employers looking for IT professionals just like you. When you work with us, we do the footwork so you don’t have to.

2. Get More Education

The more credential, certifications and education you can rack up on your resume, the better you’ll look on paper. Employers will see that you’re interested in keeping up with advances in the IT industry, which will make you a much more valuable candidate. It’s hard to get that further education when you have a job, a house and a family to maintain, but there are many ways to do it online, or by taking evening classes. If you need resources or ideas for furthering your IT education, contact us at Grey Matters IT.

3. Network

Yes, we know that IT professionals aren’t exactly known for being social butterflies. But getting to know your peers and colleagues can lead to more opportunities and information. When you network, you not only make new friends, but you also get ideas, and find out what your colleagues and competitors are doing.

These three strategies for growing your IT career can help to make 2017 your best year yet! Contact us at Grey Matters IT for more support fulfilling your career goals.

How the right IT staffing firm can save you money


Every company wants to save money where and when they can. This may mean carefully budgeting or sometimes even trimming the fat and laying off some employees. However, instead of downsizing, a company can put more money in its collective pocket with one surprising but effective move: outsourcing to an IT staffing firm.

These IT professionals can teach a company’s employees how to use modern tech or come in themselves to do tech jobs around the office. How does this save a company money? Here are four ways.

  1. Prevent employee burnout: Burnout happens to even the best employees. When a worker feels overtired and overwhelmed, they’re not going to do their best work. In fact, they may not be doing much work at all. That brings productivity to a screeching halt, negatively impacting the bottom line.
  2. Let employees take care of more important tasks: The best way to get productivity moving again is through outsourcing. An employee won’t feel like they’re stretched too thin if outsourced IT pros are on the job. This gives them more energy and vigor to do the tasks in front of them.
  3. No need to advertise: If an employer knows they can rely on an IT staffing firm, they don’t have to pay to advertise for jobs on websites and in newspapers. These listings can get expensive, some of them even charging per day. These costs add up over time.
  4. Cheaper to outsource than hire: Hiring employees also comes with its own set of costs. By outsourcing, an IT pro is only working with a company on a contractual basis. That means they’re not a true employee and don’t have to go through the hiring process. A company still gets what it needs, but spends less money on the service.

Those who are looking for their own IT staffing firm to hire should consider Grey Matters IT. Part recruitment, part training, and part outsourcing company, Grey Matters IT strives to always send the best tech professionals for the job. They can train employees in SAP and Sales Force, offer app development and consulting services, and can do direct placement and contract placement hires. To learn more, call 678-386-3470 or use our contact form.

Understanding the client-centric approach to IT staffing


In a world where IT is everything and staffing can make a huge impact on your overall success, it stands to reason that more and more companies are rethinking the way they staff. A new way of staffing, client or customer centric staffing, focuses not on internal matters and internal progress, but rather on the customer. Instead of worrying specifically about rules and how the company functions, client-centric staffing focuses on the client or customer base.

More and more companies are hiring individuals that are going to be focused on making things easier and better for the customer. There are certainly some pros and cons to this method of staffing but in a world where the customer is always right, this might just be the next big thing. It is now more important than ever that your staff is focusing on improving the overall experience of the client and that they are working harder to meet the needs of each individual client.

A staffing company like Grey Matter IT is going to know what type of staff you need, what type of training they need, and what methods should be used in order to adopt this new client centered staffing model. The client-centric approach to staffing, though not entirely new, has just begun to take root and really work to make a difference. Rather than simply creating a staff that knows how the company works, more and more agencies are working to hire and train staff to understand what the client wants and to figure out just how to achieve that.

Client-centric staffing is a great way to help your staff relate to the customer base. Rather than simply hoping that they are going to be able to do this or that, you take the time to make sure that they can relate to the people, the clients, that are the driving force behind the success of your business. This method of staffing and training is also a pleasant departure from making sure that your staff is rule oriented and that they are focused only on the inner workings of the company and how it should function.