3 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong In Interviews


1. Not Making Eye Contact

Here at Grey Matters IT, we get it. As an IT professional, you’re accustomed to interfacing with a computer all day long. That doesn’t exactly require eye contact or even facial expressions. But when you’re interviewing for technology jobs, not making eye contact or having a passive, inexpressive face can be misconstrued into being non-interest in the job, evasiveness or even dishonesty. If you’re not making sufficient eye contact, it’s unlikely you’ll get a job offer.

2. Not Dressing the Part

Companies these days have pretty lax dress codes compared to years ago. You probably won’t have to wear a suit and tie to work. However, when you come in for your interview, you shouldn’t show up in what you consider dress casual. You have to assume that professional business attire is the order of the day, and wait until you get a job offer to inquire about the acceptable apparel on the job. Otherwise, that call with a job offer just won’t come.

3. Not Being Forthcoming

When your interviewer asks questions, they aren’t just looking for a simple yes or no, or the shortest possible answer you can think of. They’re hoping you’ll expand on your answers so the interview doesn’t turn into 20 questions. Even though technically there’s nothing wrong with that, if the interviewer sense you’re not being forthcoming about things, they won’t feel they can trust you, which is not good. When you get the question, add to it so the interviewer gets the idea that you’re trustworthy and sharing more than “just the facts.”

Next time you get an interview, keep these three no-no’s in mind to ensure you have the best possible chances of being their candidate of choice. For more help with snagging technology jobs, contact Grey Matters IT.