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3 Secrets to Beefing Up Your IT Resume

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How to Work with an IT Recruiter to Find a New Job

Written by: Website Updates, General Info | 13th June | 0 Comment(s)

IT is a growing field that is constantly moving and changing. As such, there are now more opportunities than ever before and for those graduating with an IT degree, working with a recruiter may be the [...]

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How to attract the best IT Talent to Your Company

IT is a fast growing industry and more and more workers are getting certified in various IT fields. With a larger employee pool than ever before, it is crucial that companies looking to hire IT talent [...]

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4 IT Skills That Employers Are Looking For

IT is a fast growing industry that is always changing and that you must take the time to truly learn. There are certain skills that every IT worker has and then there are those special skills that emp [...]

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Contract To Hire Vs. Direct Placement: Which Is The Best Choice?

When you’re seeking employment opportunities in the technology jobs sector, you may be given a choice between pursuing a contract to hire situation, or direct placement. Each option has different pr [...]

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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Professional Services Provider

When your company needs specialized services, obviously you want to find the best company to provide them. But finding the right fit for your unique needs isn’t always easy, and mistakes can be cost [...]

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Top 5 IT Skills That are Most in Demand.

It's 2017, and according to many experts, the technological revolution is just beginning. A heavy demand exists for employees with standard industry skills as well as those who are moving forward into [...]

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Common Resume Mistakes for Technology Jobs

The technology industry is one that is quickly growing but if you are looking to land a job in this field, then you need to make sure your resume is perfect. There are a lot of people likely applying [...]

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3 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong In Interviews

Are you always the interviewee, but never seem to get hired for technology jobs?  Chances are, you’re doing one of these three things wrong during your interview.1. Not Making Eye ContactHere at G [...]

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3 Keys To Growing Your IT Career

Is your IT career stalled? Are you looking to work someplace where there’s more room for promotion, higher wages or new challenges? It can be challenging to grow an IT career, but here at Grey Matte [...]

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